Course Structure


  • You’ll complete course readings, screenings, and listening exercises on your own time.
  • You’ll complete individual assignments on your own time.
  • You’ll engage in fieldwork on your own time. 
  • You might occasionally be invited to use our class Notion to engage in asynchronous discussions, but you’re also welcome to use this platform at your own discretion: to initiate conversations of your own, to reflect on the class and to propose ways that I/we can improve, to solicit or share resources from/with your classmates, etc. 


  • Please check each week’s webpage for specific logistical information and links.
  • Nearly every week we’ll meet as a full group in the classroom. Because our external guests aren’t permitted to visit us on campus, we’ll “simulcast” our class on Zoom. Each class will likely be broken into various “acts” – lecture, reading discussion, guest presentation, small group work, full-class workshop, etc. – with breaks in-between. 
Berenice Abbott, [Hands Smoothing Out Cement], via Ryerson Image Centre