Week 7: October 14: Fieldwork Preparation

Zak Jensen

Today we’ll collaboratively develop concrete plans for our weekend fieldwork. We’ll finalize our guidelines and protocols for observation, documentation, and in-group communication; assess our divisions of labor and fieldwork schedules; and remind ourselves of our personal goals and professional and ethical obligations. 

To Prepare for Today: 

  • Please read this short text about how another group of students prepared for their own collaborative ethnography project: Gavin Weston, Natalie Djohari, and the GEARS Collective, “Student/Staff ‘Collaborative Event Ethnography’ at the Antiques Roadshow,” Journal of Educational Innovation, Partnership and Change 4:1 (2018). 
  • Please skim through our Concept Library on Notion and imagine how the submitted resources might generate critical frameworks that could inform your participant-observation over the weekend.  
  • Please visit “Event Sign-Ups” on Notion and indicate where you plan to visit – both virtually and in-person – during OHNY Weekend! Please use OHNY’s “official” event titles so we can search the list for duplication and ensure that we’re distributing our efforts! Ideally, no more than three of us will attend any given site. You’re not fully committed to what you sign up for here – new opportunities or obstacles might present themselves “in the field” – but we do want to get a general sense of who’s going where 🙂 
  • Think about what methods you’d like to use in order to answer our collective research questions and your own personal questions. Think about what modes of documentation would capture what matters to you and allow you to preserve it for yourself and share it with others?
  • Before OHNY Weekend: Please review our Field Guidebook on Notion to remind yourself of our agreed-upon fieldwork protocols!

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