Week 8: October 21: Reflection / Debriefing / Sharing Fieldnotes

Herbert Matter, Cummins Engine Corp, ca. 1977, via Letterform Archive

Today, we’ll reflect, debrief, informally share what we’ve individually created, and discuss how we’ll begin collating and collaboratively processing our documentary material next week.  

To Prepare for Today: 

  • Document your OHNY Weekend observations and conversations and experiences on your own personal page in our Fieldnote Repository on Notion! Please take some time at the end of each day to write up your fieldnotes; aim for ~300 words per day. Please refer to our Field Guidebook on Notion.  
  • Prepare your Fieldwork Dossier, which is due before class today. 
  • Come to class ready to share your reflections and to offer your classmates a tour of the various records you’ve collected and created.

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