Wednesday, November 24, End-of-Day: Full Drafts Due

Aaron Marcus, Evolving Gravity, 1972, via Letterform Archive
  • ASAP: We ask each thematic team to please describe in the #web-design channel on Slack the kinds of visualizations, (modest!) interactives, other media forms, etc., you plan to include. This will help the web team start making choices regarding platforms and tools.
  • By end-of-day on Wednesday, November 24, please share with Shannon and V a Google Doc (and make sure to grant us “editing” privileges!) with as much of your textual and audiovisual content (e.g., photos, audio, video) fleshed out as possible. Remember: you’ll find our Report Structure + Style Guide on Notion. Please also include placeholders or rough sketches for “custom” graphics or (modest) interactive features you’d like to include: cartographic maps, journey maps, other data visualizations. The web design team (Tee, Lavannya, Guin, and Caleb) asks that you hold off on developing/finalizing these new graphics and interactives – both so they can determine what’s technically feasible, and so we all can determine how much stylistic consistency we want to cultivate throughout the report. We also encourage the design point-people on each of the thematic teams to be in touch with the web design team, via the #web-design Slack channel, to discuss these issues.

Shannon will review the collated drafts and offer recommendations for revision by Sun, Nov. 28; groups can revise accordingly by Dec. 2.

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