Week 12: November 18: Share Group Plans!

Martin Venezky, Our Hands Cannot Keep Away From the Machine, via Letterform Archive

Today we’ll meet with Pamela for the first 20 or 30 minutes, then enjoy (!) three rounds of review:

V and Shannon will meet with each group for ~20 min, while the two other groups meet, share, and offer feedback on their work, with the goals of (1) giving everyone a macro-scale perspective of our report’s aggregated parts, (2) identifying and resolving redundancies, and (3) emphasizing the complementarity of our three sections. We’ll do three iterations, which will enable each group to meet with all the two others!

To Prepare for Today: 

  • Within your thematic groups, please identify the three to five main subthemes / arguments for your section and the evidence – e.g., fieldnote material, newly created maps or visualizations – you’d like to include (see V’s image below). Be prepared to share your material – via Notion, a Google Doc, a Miro board, or whatever format you prefer – with Shannon and V and the other groups in class!
    • Our goal is to have mostly agreed upon the “content” of each section by today, November 18, so the thematic groups* can assemble this material into a near-comprehensive draft by Wednesday, November 24 – right before Thanksgiving.
      • *Recall, too, as we discussed in class on November 11, that our thematic groups will shrink a bit after November 18, since we’ll need to pull some folks away to serve on a web design group, a dataviz-and-maps group, etc.
    • Please review the “Report Structure + Style” page on Notion. Consider whether this proposed structure works for the argument(s) you plan to make and data you plan to include. If not, please feel free propose modifications, clarifications, additions, etc., by commenting on the Notion page or sharing your thoughts in class on November 18!
  • Please come prepared with questions for Pamela, too!

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