Week 11: November 11: Group Workshop

Zak Jensen

Today we’ll check in on our groups’ progress, discuss how our various segments are materializing, think about critical-conceptual through-lines, and address any necessary protocols to ensure continuity and consistency. V will also consult with us about design. 

Today we confirm our report’s thematic structure, determine how that structure manifests in a design, and finalize our division of labor. V and Shannon then hand the reins over to you: you decide on argumentation, supporting material, design, etc. We’ll be here to help you execute and to review your work and offer constructive feedback – but we’re leaving the big decisions to you!

Pamela will join us for ~15 minutes at the start of class!

To Prepare for Today: 

  • Late addition (sorry!): Pamela will be joining us at the start of class. She’ll make a longer visit again next week. Let’s plan ahead: what questions do we want to ask her today?
  • Reacquaint yourself with Aimi Hamraie’s Twitter thread (April 29, 2021) – which we originally read for our September 30 class – on the challenges of collaborative class projects. What lessons can we learn from Dr. Hamraie’s students’ experience now that we’re in the “analysis” and “sharing the analysis” phases of our own project?
  • Please complete this survey regarding our team structure and workload distribution. I’d greatly appreciate it if you could please share your responses by end-of-day on Wednesday, so I can review everyone’s preferences and develop a proposal before class on Thursday.
  • Please check the Slack Tee kindly created for us, to see if there’s been any shift in our group “consensus” regarding our macro-scale themes, and to share your preliminary ideas regarding our report format. I’ll follow along and adjust our Notion if/as needed.
  • Please code your fieldnotes – and Concept Library contributions! – in accordance with those macro-scale themes and add them to the “Aggregated Thematic Fieldnotes” section on Notion. You’ll find “Instructions for Sharing” at the top of the Notion page.

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